Hi!  Thank you for checking out the photography that I have had the honor of creating with my clients.

I really love portraits and I am expanding my architectural and lifestyle portfolio. My values are pretty traditional, but my style... maybe not so traditional.   People call me creative.  I just do what is in my heart and soul.

If you have ever met me you know that I am the youngest of 7 children and that my mom owned a shoe store next to the town portrait photographer. These two truths formed who I am and what I do today.   I will go shoeless at every opportunity but when I do wear them, they are quality shoes. I don't take a lot of snapshots, but when I have my camera and I have a face to photograph in some good light, I will fill up a memory card in no time.  I was trained in the studio at the age of 16 with film  (by said portrait studio owner and photographer, John Guyette) 

Art is important in our world. Family is everything.  I loved my mother who left me too soon in my life. I want to create art with you and your loved ones and hang a portrait in your home. It might be printed on a piece of wood, metal, canvas or in a book.  It's your call. But I'm here to help you surround yourself with art and family. (shoes are optional)

Kelly xoxox